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Honorary Forestry Officers Celebrated as Forest Guardians in Mwinilunga Ceremony

Minister of Green Economy and Environment, Honorable Eng. Collins Nzovu MP, praised Honorary Forestry Officers (HFOs) as crucial guardians of forests during a recent ceremony in Mwinilunga District. 

At the event, seventy-five HFOs graduated, and sixteen Community Forestry Management groups received rights to co-manage forest resources with the government.

Speaking through Ministry of Green Economy and Environment Permanent Secretary Dr. Douty Chibamba, Hon. Nzovu highlighted the officers’ role in forest protection. 

He emphasized their training and dedication to conservation, noting their vital tasks like monitoring forest activities and promoting sustainable practices.

Hon. Nzovu also commended the Community Forest Management groups, stating their involvement showcases communities’ commitment to preserving the West Lunga Ecosystem. 

He recognized traditional leaders’ essential role in this endeavor, noting their influence in legitimizing management groups and resolving conflicts.

Mr. Dorian Tilbury, manager of the West Lunga Conservation Project (WLCP), highlighted the project’s efforts in collaboration with traditional leaders to protect the unique forest in the region. 

He emphasized the project’s goal of developing local enterprises to benefit communities and support forest conservation and wildlife recovery.

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