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Vedanta Resources Boosts Girls’ Education with Donation of Over 2,000 Sanitary Pads in Shibuyunji

Vedanta Resources has donated over 2,000 sanitary pads to students at Shibuyunji Secondary School. The initiative aims to ensure that girls can comfortably attend school without facing challenges related to menstrual hygiene.

Masuzyo Ndhlovu, Director of Corporate Communications at Vedanta Resources Zambia, highlighted the company’s dedication to education and the well-being of children. 

In a speech delivered by Social Media Strategist Kalaluka Mushaukwa, Ndhlovu expressed concern over the obstacles girls face, often missing classes due to the lack of access to sanitary towels.

“From the time we commenced our operations in Zambia, we have made a commitment to ensure that we support our surrounding communities in various sectors,” Ndhlovu stated. 

He emphasized the company’s Period Poverty Campaign, which previously included the donation of reusable sanitary towels to Awanachi magazine and a substantial contribution to Zambian social media influencer, Ms. Mwizukanji.

Ndhlovu shared that Vedanta’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) team had previously donated an assortment of sanitary pads to different schools in Chingola earlier in the year. 

With an increased focus on CSR, Vedanta has allocated US$20 million to support various community-driven initiatives through the Community Trust initiative.

Shibuyunji Secondary School Headteacher, Charity Daka, expressed gratitude for the donation, acknowledging its significant impact on helping girls stay in school. 

Social media influencer Theresa Lyainga, speaking at the event, encouraged the girls to remain focused on their education for a brighter future.

Vedanta Resources continues to demonstrate its commitment to community development, particularly in the education sector, with plans for more programs and initiatives in the pipeline. 

The donation of sanitary pads is viewed as a crucial step in addressing challenges that hinder girls’ education and ensuring their continued academic success.

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