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KCM Schools Inspire Goal-Setting and Self-Motivation

The KCM Learning and Development section recently held a career talk for pupils at Nchanga and Konkola Secondary Trust Schools, aiming to empower students by fostering intrinsic motivation and goal-setting skills.

Experts in the field of career guidance emphasize the importance of intrinsic motivation, where students are driven by a personal desire to learn and achieve. 

However, guidance from well-informed individuals remains crucial to navigate the complexities of life and career paths.

Dr. Kunda Mutesu, a Neonatologist from Nchanga South Hospital, and Dr. Jonathan Ncheengamwa, a Consultant Paediatrician from Konkola Mine Hospital, shared valuable insights with the students.

Dr. Mutesu stressed the significance of self-awareness and determination in achieving success. While genetics and environment play a role, a clear vision and unwavering focus are key. 

“You may not know what the future holds,” she said, “but realizing your potential, staying determined, and setting goals are essential. Take charge of your own lives!”

She also highlighted the importance of balancing parental guidance with a student’s intrinsic motivation. 

“Just because I’m a doctor doesn’t mean my children have to be doctors,” she stated. “Allow them to explore their own passions while offering guidance.”

Dr. Ncheengamwa focused on the importance of mental well-being for students. 

He emphasized the need for adequate rest, as memories are consolidated during rest periods. 

He also advised students to disengage from activities that don’t add value to their lives. 

He encouraged them to view obstacles as challenges to overcome, not roadblocks to their dreams.

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