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Zambians Struggle as Fuel, Electricity Costs Rise 

Zambians are facing a growing crisis due to recent spikes in fuel and electricity prices. Dr. Noel Chisebe, a prominent advocate for governance and human rights, emphasizes the urgent need for relief. 

The cost of living has become prohibitive, forcing many to walk long distances as they can no longer afford public transportation. This not only impacts daily life but also disrupts education, as Dr. Chisebe highlights. 

School children, burdened by commutes, struggle to focus in class, jeopardizing the very concept of accessible education. 

Social safety nets are failing under the strain. Those relying on social cash transfers find their limited benefits inadequate in the face of rising prices. 

Similarly, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) receiving support from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and marketeers backed by the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) are struggling to turn a profit, jeopardizing their ability to repay loans. 

Dr. Chisebe emphasizes that these hardships are crippling the business environment. Affordable fuel and electricity are essential for economic activity. 

Consumers are left with no choice but to find alternative means of survival as the prices of essential goods continue to climb.  

Dr. Chisebe echoes the pleas of many Zambians, urging the UPND government to take immediate action. 

He emphasizes the need to address the issue at its source – the Ministry of Energy – to bring down fuel costs and alleviate the suffering of the people.

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