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Ministry of Technology and Science Partners with Church to Launch Empower Summit Initiative

The Ministry of Technology and Science has joined forces with the Northmead Assembly of God to introduce the Empower Summit Initiative, aimed at inspiring and transforming the youth by creating innovative opportunities. 

Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati commended the church’s leadership for its role in charitable programs and serving the community, emphasizing the government’s commitment to working with innovators.

During the launch of the Empower Summit, Minister Mutati outlined government initiatives to support innovators, including streamlined processes for entrepreneurial licenses and significant reductions in courier fees. 

He highlighted ongoing investments in digital infrastructure, turning Zambia into a regional innovation hub. The Minister praised Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZANACO) for fostering startups and applauded Bongo Hive Innovation Hub for its pivotal role in nurturing startups within the innovation ecosystem.

Minister Mutati encouraged young innovators to persevere and implement their ideas, emphasizing the importance of discipline, hard work, and fearlessness. 

He acknowledged the crucial role of the church, particularly the Northmead Assembly of God, in fostering the growth of the innovative ecosystem.

Bishop Joshua HK Banda, overseer of the Northmead Assembly of God, expressed the divine nature of the Empower Summit, envisioning it as a transformative force that addresses human needs and brings about household transformation. 

He detailed plans for a scheduled Summit in June 2024, emphasizing mentorship, formal training, funding, and global market access for innovative ideas.

Bishop Banda highlighted the significance of investing in Zambia’s youth, noting their vital role in the country’s development and prosperity. 

He outlined the deliberate incubation process of the Summit, designed to bridge the gap from idea inception to commercial success among young people.

The Church’s Lazarous Project, aimed at rehabilitating street children, was also discussed. Bishop Banda shared success stories, including Madliso Lungu, who, with support from the project, pursued a degree in Production Management and is now actively engaged in the Church foundation activities.

ZANACO representative and Chief Operations Officer, Vincent Chunga, reiterated the bank’s commitment to empowerment and innovation, emphasizing the importance of changed perspectives in driving progress and creating a positive impact in communities.

The collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Technology and Science and the Northmead Assembly of God mark a significant step towards fostering innovation, empowerment, and positive change among Zambia’s youth.

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