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Zambia and Algeria Forge Higher Education Partnership with MoU Signing

Zambia and Algeria have solidified their commitment to educational collaboration with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at enhancing cooperation in higher education.

Education Minister Hon. Douglas Syakalima emphasized the pivotal role universities play in driving economic development through research during the signing ceremony held in Algiers, Algeria on Saturday, April 27th, 2024.

The MoU sets the stage for a bilateral framework facilitating collaboration between Zambian and Algerian universities in various areas, including joint research programs, faculty and student exchange initiatives, and the development of dual degree programs.

Minister Syakalima expressed expectations that this collaboration, underpinned by the MoU, will foster the establishment of innovation hubs within Zambian universities.

Hon. Kamel Baddari, Algerian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, highlighted the MoU’s purpose to forge an effective partnership through the development of university training programs and the exchange of knowledge, students, and supervisors.

Additionally, the MoU will bolster Zambia’s collaboration with Algeria in administering scholarships, building upon the scholarship opportunities extended by the Algerian government to Zambian students since 2006.

Currently, Zambia benefits from 54 undergraduate scholarship offers for students to pursue studies at Algerian universities.

Through this MoU, the governments of Zambia and Algeria will further explore opportunities to expand scholarship offerings, particularly at the postgraduate level, including PhD programs, thereby enhancing educational opportunities and fostering academic exchange between the two nations.

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