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Zambian Ambassador Encourages Diaspora Preparation for Return to Zambia

Washington DC, August 24th, 2023 – Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States of America, Chibamba Kanyama, has urged Zambians residing in the U.S. to proactively prepare for their eventual return to Zambia. Mr. Kanyama delivered this message during the second Annual Gala night for the Association of Zambians in Diaspora of Washington, Maryland, and Virginia.

Highlighting the importance of engagement between Zambian nationals abroad and the Zambian Embassy, Ambassador Kanyama addressed concerns regarding information confidentiality. “We have observed that very few Zambians have registered with the Zambian Embassy under suspicion that we will compromise the information,” he stated. He assured attendees that diplomatic staff adhere to strict confidentiality policies and emphasized that the Embassy serves as a safe haven for Zambians in the U.S., committed to safeguarding their interests.

Moreover, Ambassador Kanyama stressed the significance of adequate preparation for the eventual return to Zambia. He urged Zambians abroad to consider two key aspects: investment in their home country and proactive planning for their return. “First, we want you to invest back home because remittances from citizens were a predictable source of foreign reserves,” he said. “Second, plan your return to Zambia early by alerting relevant institutions of government about how best they can support you.”

Ambassador Kanyama underscored the collaborative approach between the Zambian government and its diaspora community, referencing the Strategic Plan that incorporated inputs from various diaspora associations and the recommendations of the Diaspora Conference held in Livingstone the previous year.

“We have been able to link some Zambians with government institutions back home. These are already helping to resolve some challenges we are facing back home. Our plan is to get some professionals back home, and we are already submitting some CVs to relevant authorities back home,” shared Mr. Kanyama.

Entrepreneur Anthony Chanka, CEO of Nostalgia Solutions, echoed the importance of diaspora engagement in national development. Chanka emphasized collaborative efforts within the diaspora to drive development in Zambia. “You all know I am very passionate about agriculture. I am currently working with the US Department of Agriculture and the Zambian government to ensure we have farm produce exported to the United States from Zambia,” he announced.

In a bid to strengthen the diaspora’s connection to Zambia and contribute to the nation’s growth, the engagement between Zambian nationals abroad and the Zambian Embassy in the U.S. continues to be fostered.

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