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Social Development Agenda Requires a Strong Economy, says Analyst Kelvin Chisanga

Kelvin Chisanga, an analyst with a firm stance on the critical issue of free education, emphasizes the importance of robust economic fundamentals for the successful implementation of such social programs.

The concept of free education has gained prominence in Zambia under its new leadership. While Chisanga believes it is an achievable goal, he underscores that it hinges on the nation’s economic health. To align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda and improve social welfare, Zambia’s local economy must transition from negative GDP figures to maintaining stable macroeconomic indicators.

With the UPND assuming a dominant political position following recent elections, the viability of free education rests heavily on a well-functioning economy. Chisanga contends that the economy’s key fundamentals must be strengthened to support this policy effectively.

He emphasizes that a sustainable social contract on education demands equally sustainable economic models to avoid potential challenges along the way. Zambia’s social sector can only thrive when its economic elements perform at their peak.

While the new government shows a commitment to sponsored education, it prioritizes economic growth to support social protection. However, Chisanga warns that this support can only materialize if the local economy exhibits positive trends. Otherwise, the burden on the national treasury could become overwhelming.

Chisanga’s perspective highlights the intricate relationship between economic stability and the ability to fund ambitious social development initiatives, such as free education.

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