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Health Minister Pledges Support for Resident Doctors at RDAZ Annual General Meeting 

Health Minister Sylvia Masebo addressed the Resident Doctors of Zambia (RDAZ) during their 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Scientific Conference in Kitwe. 

The theme, ‘Innovations and Solutions – Shaping the Future of Healthcare in Zambia,’ set the tone for discussions on transformative approaches in healthcare delivery.

Minister Masebo underscored the vital role of medical professionals in ensuring equitable access to quality healthcare, particularly in remote and underserved areas. 

Emphasizing the importance of preparedness, she urged doctors to be ready for postings anywhere in the country, emphasizing the critical need for healthcare services in such regions.

Highlighting recent challenges, including the Covid-19 pandemic and Cholera outbreaks, Minister Masebo stressed the urgency for innovative solutions in healthcare delivery. 

She acknowledged the dedication of healthcare workers during these crises and commended President Hakainde Hichilema for recognizing their efforts by offering employment to 95 medical doctors.

Assuring continued government support, Minister Masebo reaffirmed the commitment to employing more healthcare workers and addressing outstanding debts owed to doctors. Furthermore, she pledged to enhance career progression opportunities and ensure fair compensation for healthcare professionals.

RDAZ President Dr. Mweushi Mphande echoed Minister Masebo’s sentiments, praising the government’s acknowledgment of doctors’ contributions during the Cholera outbreak. 

Dr. Mphande called for improved salaries and working conditions for doctors, emphasizing the need for enhanced collaboration between the government and stakeholders in healthcare employment and promotion processes.

Kennedy Saini, Vice President of the Health Federation of Zambia (HFZ), emphasized the importance of public-private collaboration in promoting healthcare innovation. 

Saini advocated for agile and country-specific partnership models to foster trust and dialogue between the public and private sectors, ultimately leading to meaningful innovations in healthcare provision.

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