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Minister Tambatamba Calls for Worker Education on Company Policies 

Minister of Labour and Social Security, Brenda Tambatamba, emphasized the importance of educating workers on key company policies during integrated labour inspections. 

The minister urged businesses to display crucial documents such as Human Resource Development Management policy, Environment policy, and Health and Safety policy for the benefit of employees and surrounding communities.

During an inspection at Chenguang Biotech Group Company Limited, led by Assistant Labour Commissioner for Southern Province, Mr. Joseph Kaindama, and Assistant Labour Commissioner for Inspections, Ms. Chibesa Lupili, Minister Tambatamba stressed the significance of these policies in ensuring workers’ understanding of standard operating procedures and environmental risks.

Minister Tambatamba emphasized the need for companies to prioritize the decent work agenda by providing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to all employees, regardless of their employment status. 

She highlighted the rights of workers to be protected from harmful work conditions, particularly those handling substances hazardous to health.

In response, the Managing Director of Chenguang Biotech, Mr. Liu Fenghai, pledged urgent action to address the minister’s guidance, ensuring immediate provision of PPE to workers lacking adequate protection.

During inspections at Collum Coal Mine, Minister Tambatamba urged the company to relocate workers residing in unsafe housing environments until rehabilitation of houses is completed.

She emphasized Zambia’s commitment to international labour standards, including provisions for decent housing and working conditions.

Acknowledging financial constraints as a challenge, Mr. Xu Jianxue, one of the mine’s owners, expressed commitment to compliance with labour laws and improving workers’ lives.

District Commissioner for Sinazongwe District, Mr. Nchimunya Siakole, commended the Ministry’s efforts to enhance labour law compliance and urged companies to collaborate with the government for sustainable community development.

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