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Congo Prime Minister Resigns, Government Dissolves

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) finds itself on the brink of governmental reshuffling as Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde tendered his resignation on Tuesday. 

The announcement, confirmed by the presidency in a formal statement, set in motion the dissolution of Lukonde’s government.

Lukonde’s decision to step down comes just eight days subsequent to the validation of his mandate as a national deputy, marking a swift and unexpected turn of events in Congolese politics. 

The prime minister, elected in the country’s December polls to represent the Kasenga district, now plans to transition to the role of a parliamentarian.

The intricacies of Congolese legislation necessitate a crucial decision for serving ministers: to retain their parliamentary position or to remain within the government. Lukonde’s choice to pursue a seat in the assembly effectively prompted his resignation from the prime ministerial post.

In response to Lukonde’s departure, the presidency issued a follow-up statement urging the outgoing government to maintain operational continuity until the establishment of a new administration. This transitional period aims to ensure stability amidst the forthcoming changes in leadership.

Lukonde’s tenure as prime minister commenced in February 2021, a pivotal appointment amid the political landscape’s realignments following the dissolution of the alliance between President Felix Tshisekedi’s coalition and that of former President Joseph Kabila. 

The 43-year-old leader’s resignation signifies a critical juncture in DRC’s governance, punctuating the ongoing evolution of political dynamics.

Following Tshisekedi’s re-election in December, efforts were underway to forge a majority coalition within the National Assembly, with the aim of forming the next government. 

Preliminary results indicate a sweeping victory for parties aligned with Tshisekedi, securing nearly 94 percent of the assembly seats, pending formal confirmation by the Constitutional Court.

Additional source: AfricaNews

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