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ECZ Certifies Register of Voters

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has officially certified the Register of Voters, announced Chief Electoral Officer Brown Kasaro during the certification ceremony.

According to Kasaro, the Commission registered a total of 13,363 voters between June and December 2022 when continuous voter registration began.

Of these, 45% are female and 55% are male, and they have been successfully added to the Register of Voters. As of February 21, 2024, these newly registered voters are qualified to participate in the upcoming elections.

The updated Register of Voters now comprises 7,036,862 individuals, reflecting a slight increase from the previous total of 7,023,499 voters.

Notably, females represent 53.4% of the registered voters, totaling 3,757,115, while males represent 46.6%, totaling 3,279,747.

It’s worth mentioning that the newly certified Register of Voters supersedes all previous registers and will remain in effect until a new register is prepared and certified.

Additionally, provisional data from January to December 2023 indicates that 28,728 voters were registered during that period. This data will undergo inspection, and the Commission is scheduled to certify the Register of Voters for these individuals on July 30, 2024.

The certification of the Register of Voters marks a crucial step in ensuring a transparent and inclusive electoral process in Zambia.

With the voter registration process complete and the register certified, the Electoral Commission of Zambia is now gearing up for the upcoming elections, emphasizing the importance of voter participation and adherence to electoral guidelines.

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