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ZMA Launches 2024 Measuring Instrument Verification Exercise for Petroleum Sub-Sector

The Zambia Metrology Agency (ZMA) has officially commenced its 2024 verification exercise for measuring instruments within the petroleum sub-sector, demonstrating a collective commitment to maintaining fair trade practices, ensuring consumer protection, and promoting regulatory compliance.

As part of this comprehensive initiative, ZMA Metrologists will meticulously inspect and verify measuring instruments utilized in both private and public fuel depots, as well as filling stations across the entire country. The exercise aims to maintain the accuracy and reliability of measurement devices crucial for dispensing petroleum products.

The virtual launch event, chaired by ZMA Director of Legal Metrology, Michael Nsefu, brought together key stakeholders in the petroleum sub-sector, including oil marketing companies (OMCs) and service technician companies. 

Dr. Nsefu emphasized the pivotal role played by ZMA in supporting the petroleum distribution chain by conducting statutory verifications of petroleum pumps and bulk flow meters every six months.

Dr. Nsefu urged all participants in the retail and commercial petroleum sectors to promptly submit their measuring instruments for verification this month to avoid potential regulatory enforcements. 

Additionally, he urged the public to actively check for the validity of ZMA verification stickers on fuel pumps at filling stations, emphasizing the importance of consumers receiving accurate value for their money.

ZMA, in its commitment to maintaining industry standards, issued a caution against the use of unapproved methods of measurement during the offloading of petroleum products from tanker trucks. Such unauthorized methods, including the use of weighbridges and dip charts in storage tanks, pose risks to accuracy and compliance. 

The agency strongly advocates for the use of approved methods, which include bulk flow meters, Haulage marks, and dip charts on tanker trucks.

This verification exercise aligns with ZMA’s dedication to ensuring the highest standards in the measurement and dispensing of petroleum products, contributing to a transparent and trustworthy environment within the petroleum sub-sector. 

As the agency continues its vital role in safeguarding consumers and supporting the petroleum distribution chain, stakeholders are encouraged to actively participate in and cooperate with the verification process.

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