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Diplomats from 8 Countries Present Letters of Credence at State House

President Hakainde Hichilema presided over a diplomatic ceremony at State House this morning, where he accepted Letters of Credence from Ambassadors and High Commissioners Designate representing eight countries accredited to Zambia. 

The nations involved are Burundi, South Korea, Sultanate of Oman, Belgium, Republic of Cyprus, Slovak Republic, Georgia, and Jamaica.

President Hichilema, emphasizing Zambia’s commitment to Economic Diplomacy, expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with the newly appointed diplomats as conduits of their respective countries. 

The focus is on identifying areas of mutual interest that would bring tangible benefits to the people of both Zambia and the represented nations.

The President extended a warm welcome to the Excellencies and encouraged them to explore the diversity of Zambia by traveling extensively across all ten provinces. 

Emphasizing the importance of fostering direct interactions with Zambians, President Hichilema believes such engagements would enhance cultural understanding and strengthen diplomatic ties.

The exchange of Letters of Credence marks the official beginning of the diplomatic missions of these ambassadors and high commissioners in Zambia.

The occasion provides an opportunity for the diplomats to engage with the Zambian government and contribute to the bilateral relations between their countries and Zambia.

As the nation prioritizes Economic Diplomacy, President Hichilema’s administration is poised to engage in collaborative efforts with the diplomatic community to foster economic growth, development, and prosperity for the people of Zambia. 

The President looks forward to building strong partnerships that will contribute to the advancement of both Zambia and the countries represented by the newly accredited diplomats.

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