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Proflight Zambia Elevates Passenger Experience with Local Flavours and Eco-Friendly Practices

Proflight Zambia is not only expanding its route network and fleet but also enhancing its onboard experience through innovative, locally sourced catering services that emphasize sustainability. This unique approach supports local businesses and sets new benchmarks for aviation excellence in Zambia.

Vincent Banda, Proflight Zambia’s Director of Ground Operations, Cargo, and Catering, shared the airline’s commitment to integrating Zambian products into its services.

“Proflight has been very active in the local sourcing and procurement of its services and products, aligning with the Proudly Zambian campaign. We ensure that we identify Zambian companies and products that meet our high standards for passenger satisfaction,” he said.

Passengers can now savor a range of Zambian produce, from refreshing fruit juices to savory snacks and meals, all prepared by local service providers and manufacturers. One such partner is Flying Food, a pioneering Zambian-owned inflight catering company led by Misheck Tembo.

Since partnering with Proflight in 2021, Flying Food has grown from four employees to 76, providing high-quality, safe food that meets international airline catering standards.

“This collaboration with Proflight has been transformational,” Tembo noted. “It has boosted our operations and created employment opportunities for Zambian youths.”

Proflight’s Manager of Catering, Carlyn Irwin, emphasized the airline’s sustainability initiatives, including the introduction of reusable dishes and compostable cutlery, and recycling water bottles through a Lusaka-based company.

“These efforts are part of our commitment to reducing single-use plastic waste and promoting environmental responsibility,” she said.

The partnership with Flying Food has been particularly fruitful, leading to the expansion of the business, which now includes a restaurant at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) domestic terminal.

“Our relationship with Flying Food has been mutually beneficial,” Irwin remarked. “Starting this June, they will handle catering for both our domestic and international flights, growing alongside us.”

Tembo’s vision for Flying Food includes expanding to 100 workers and establishing an airline catering school to train more Zambians, ensuring a skilled workforce for the future.

Proflight’s menu is constantly evolving, featuring more local delicacies to offer a fresh and exciting culinary experience on its various routes. “As we expand, we change our menus and continue to identify more local products,” Banda added.

Proflight’s onboard catering is more than just meals; it is a celebration of Zambian culture, innovation, and sustainability. By supporting local businesses like Flying Food and embracing eco-friendly practices, Proflight is enhancing passenger experiences while contributing to Zambia’s economic growth and prosperity.

Next time you fly with Proflight, be sure to explore the local products and snacks available, offering a true taste of Zambia.

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