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Kansanshi Mining to Plant 30,000 Trees and 35 Hectares  Land Rehabilitation

Kansanshi Mining PLC has unveiled plans to plant 30,000 trees and rehabilitate 35 hectares of disturbed land during the current year. 

The initiative aligns with global efforts to decarbonize and mitigate climate change, demonstrating the mining company’s dedication to responsible and eco-friendly practices.

The announcement was made by Colin Du Plessis, Assistant General Manager at Kansanshi Mine, who spoke on behalf of the management during the 2023/24 Provincial Tree Planting Launch. 

The event, officiated by North Western Provincial Minister Robert Lihefu at Kansanshi Mine, emphasized the critical theme: “Plant a tree to enhance food security and other business opportunities under a changing climate.”

Beyond contributing to environmental conservation, Kansanshi Mine’s tree planting and land rehabilitation efforts aim to support local communities in building resilience against the impacts of climate change. 

Du Plessis highlighted key sustainability activities, including revegetation, topsoil management, and invasive weed control, as integral components of the mine’s progressive rehabilitation strategies.

Provincial Minister Lihefu commended Kansanshi for its initiatives, particularly the planting of fruit trees in Kapijimpanga and Mumena Chiefdoms. 

He applauded the company’s dual impact of contributing to environmental restoration while enabling local communities to diversify income sources and enhance food security.

In response to the commendation, Chief Mumena, the Chairperson of the Provincial Council of Chiefs, strongly voiced concerns against charcoal production, emphasizing its detrimental role in deforestation. 

Chief Mumena called for sustainable solutions to address the issue and encouraged collaborative efforts to preserve the environment for future generations.

The Chief further said that Kansanshi Mining PLC’s initiative not only underscores its dedication to environmentally responsible practices but also aligns with broader global initiatives to combat climate change and promote sustainable development.

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