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Govt Initiates Child Protection Measures Amidst Cholera Outbreak

As Zambia battles a worsening cholera outbreak, the government has implemented various measures to protect children living on the streets, a vulnerable group greatly affected by the epidemic. 

With a total of 2,304 children nationwide, the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services is taking proactive steps to address their well-being.

Minister of Community Development and Social Services, Ms. Doreen Mwamba, acknowledged the impact of the cholera outbreak on children, causing delays in school openings and exacerbating the already challenging conditions faced by those living on the streets.

In response, the government, through the ministry, is launching an initiative to remove children from the streets, particularly in the vicinity of Down Town shopping center along Kafue Road, where cholera cases have surged. 

Minister Mwamba expressed concern about the crowded environment near Down Town, which has contributed to the nurturing of street children into criminal activities.

She urged those illegally selling on the streets of Down Town to relocate to designated market selling points, emphasizing the importance of citizens maintaining good hygienic practices to combat the annual resurgence of cholera.

“As a Ministry in charge of child welfare, I wish to assure the nation that we are doing all we can to safeguard the lives of this vulnerable group of people in our society,” stated Minister Mwamba.

Furthermore, the government is contemplating the construction of childcare facilities in provincial centers to accommodate the increasing number of children living on the streets. 

Minister Mwamba disclosed that the ambitious agenda would be gradual and completed over time, with the government already allocating funds for the construction of the first-ever government-owned childcare home in Lusaka, followed by similar facilities in other parts of the country.

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