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Public Protector Raises Concerns Over Unlawful Impounding of Motor Vehicles by Zambia Police

The Public Protector of Zambia, Mrs. Caroline Sokoni, has expressed deep concern over the increasing reports of unlawful impounding of motor vehicles by certain traffic police officers within the Zambia Police Service. 

Mrs. Sokoni has noted a surge in instances where vehicles are being impounded even when the committed offense does not warrant such action under the law.

Observing this trend, Mrs. Sokoni highlighted that the public is generally law-abiding and willing to pay fines as required by law. 

However, she raised alarm over the alleged practice by some traffic police officers who prefer to impound vehicles, possibly as a means to solicit bribes from affected motorists.

Mrs. Sokoni emphasized that such actions by traffic police officers not only inconvenience the public but also obstruct the government’s ongoing efforts to combat maladministration and corruption. 

She stressed that law enforcement officers should not contribute to the proliferation of these vices but rather play a key role in upholding the law.

As the institution mandated to ensure adherence to processes and procedures in public institutions, the Office of the Public Protector is determined not to allow a few officers within the Traffic Department to tarnish the image of the Zambia Police Service. 

Mrs. Sokoni called on traffic officers to adhere to professional conduct and avoid procedural improprieties when carrying out their duties, especially in cases leading to the impounding of motor vehicles without proper justification.

Mrs. Sokoni urged members of the public who have fallen victim to the questionable impounding of their vehicles by the police to gather information such as the name and service number of the officers involved, as well as the police station overseeing the roadblock. 

Victims are encouraged to report such incidents to either the Office of the Public Protector or the Police Public Complaints Commission.

This announcement underscores the commitment of the Public Protector to ensuring accountability, transparency, and fairness within law enforcement agencies, promoting a trustworthy and efficient system that serves the interests of the public.

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