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Congolese Civil Society Rejects Tshisekedi’s Bid for Lifetime Presidency through Constitutional Amendment

The New Congolese Civil Society (NSCC) is strongly opposing President Fèlix Tshisekedi’s recent move to amend the Democratic Republic of Congo’s constitution, which many see as an attempt to stay in power indefinitely. 

The NSCC, led by National Coordinator Jonas Tshiombela, has criticized the timing of Tshisekedi’s proposal, arguing that the country faces pressing issues that should take priority over constitutional amendments.

Tshiombela has raised important questions about the necessity of changing the constitution at this moment. 

He questions whether amending the constitution will address critical issues such as governance, corruption, and impunity, or if it will merely serve Tshisekedi’s political interests. 

Additionally, Tshiombela has highlighted the instability facing the nation, suggesting that discussing constitutional changes during a state of siege is both inappropriate and legally questionable.

Tshisekedi’s recent announcement of plans to establish a national commission to explore constitutional amendments has fueled concerns that he is seeking to extend his presidency unlawfully. 

Critics fear that this move could undermine democratic principles and consolidate Tshisekedi’s power indefinitely.

Source: DRC News Today

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