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Government Explores Establishment of Provincial Child Care Homes

The Zambian government is contemplating the creation of provincial Child Care Facilities as part of a comprehensive strategy to improve the living conditions of vulnerable children across the nation. 

Ms. Beatrice Muyambango, Director for Child Development at the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, expressed confidence in the feasibility of this ambitious plan during her inspection of the Children’s Nest orphanage in Choma district, Southern Province.

Ms. Muyambango, currently on a provincial Children’s Code Act sensitization tour, emphasized the government’s commitment to decentralize and prioritize children’s issues, ensuring that their interests receive due attention. 

She commended Children’s Nest orphanage for supplementing government efforts to enhance the welfare of children and called for collaborative efforts between children’s facilities and the government.

Highlighting the importance of child-centered policies, such as the Child Safeguarding and Participation Frameworks, Ms. Muyambango urged child care facilities to familiarize themselves with these guidelines to better understand their role in protecting and including children in their activities. 

She emphasized the need for diligence, professionalism, and honesty when dealing with children’s issues to ensure their comprehensive protection.

During the visit, Mr. Clayson Mudenda, Director of Children’s Nest, provided insights into the facility’s operations. Currently hosting 57 vulnerable children, the facility has implemented various developmental initiatives, including agriculture and dairy farming, to sustain its operations. 

Mr. Mudenda expressed gratitude for the government’s support in enabling children’s facilities to operate effectively and uplift the living conditions of vulnerable children.

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