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ZESCO and Zambia Police Uncover Scam Involving Vandalized Power Installations in Kitwe

In a joint operation on 4th January, 2024, the Zambia Police Service and ZESCO Limited Security uncovered a scam involving Virgin Blue Limited Company allegedly stockpiling and smelting vandalized power installations in Kitwe District.

The search operation, conducted at the premises of Virgin Blue Limited Company in Kitwe’s industrial area, exposed a cache of vandalized equipment belonging to ZESCO Limited, Nkana Water, and Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC). This equipment is believed to have been brought to the company by various vandals and individuals for potential sale.

Caristo Chitamfya, Senior Manager-Corporate Affairs at ZESCO Limited, disclosed in a statement, “In a comprehensive operation spanning several hours, the Zambia Police Service detained 12 individuals for questioning and to assist in investigations of various offenses. 

Among those apprehended was 37-year-old Allen Sharma of 18 Kafue Drive Riverside, who is employed as a Manager at Virgin Blue Limited Company.”

ZESCO Limited is urging the public to condemn vandalism activities and refrain from engaging in such illegal actions. Mr. Chitamfya emphasized the importance of reporting any acts of vandalism witnessed, as such activities significantly impede the mission to provide safe, high-quality electricity services efficiently.

This joint operation underscores the commitment of both ZESCO and the Zambia Police Service to combating vandalism and ensuring the integrity of power installations in the region. The detained individuals will undergo further investigation to determine the extent of their involvement in the alleged scam.

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