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President Felix Tshisekedi declared winner of DRC election

Congo’s election commission declared President Felix Tshisekedi the winner of the December 20th election, securing over 70% of the vote. The results were revealed in Kinshasa, triggering opposition protests and demands for a vote rerun due to significant logistical challenges.

Businessman Moise Katumbi followed Tshisekedi with 18% of the vote, and Martin Fayulu secured 5%. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Denis Mukwege received less than 1%. The preliminary results, with a 40% turnout from 18 million voters, now head to the constitutional court for confirmation, according to election chief Denis Kadima.

The opposition and some civil society groups have raised concerns about the legitimacy of the election due to widespread logistical issues. Many polling stations faced delays or failed to open, and numerous voter cards had illegible ink. Some stations extended voting into a second day, a move criticized as illegal by local observers and civil society organizations.

Opposition candidates, including Katumbi, rejected the results even before the official announcement, urging the population to mobilize against what they deemed a flawed electoral process.

The constitutional court awaits claims from opposition candidates within two days, after which it has seven days to make a decision. The final results are expected on January 10, with the inauguration scheduled by the end of the month.

Congo, with a history of disputed elections, has experienced violent episodes in the aftermath of past polls. Before Sunday’s announcement, opposition figures expressed skepticism about the country’s institutions. Clashes erupted earlier in the week between Fayulu’s supporters and the police, heightening tensions in the politically charged atmosphere.

As the nation awaits the constitutional court’s decision, concerns about the electoral process’s transparency and fairness linger, casting a shadow over the future political landscape of Congo.

Source: AfricaNews

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