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Economic Analyst Urges Multi-Sectorial Approach to Unlock Massive Investment Opportunities  

The Zambian Government and key stakeholders are exploring a collaborative strategy to depoliticize economic policies and trigger spontaneous growth. Economic analyst Mr. Kelvin Chisanga emphasizes the need for a multi-sectorial approach, rallying all necessary efforts for collective gains in the domestic economy.

Mr. Chisanga highlights Zambia’s untapped potential in various sectors, emphasizing that the development agenda should not rely on a single package but rather explore a range of efforts from different angles. 

He urges a close partnership between global, regional, and domestic stakeholders, both public and private, to harness the nation’s economic model and structural advantages.

The mining industry, considered the backbone of Zambia’s economy, is identified as a key sector, but Mr. Chisanga suggests the urgent incorporation of complementary sectors to support and incentivize beyond the traditional copper dependence.

Addressing the importance of international partnerships, Mr. Chisanga stresses the need for the government to deepen bilateral and multilateral ties with strong trade partners, both at the state level and within the private sector. 

He commends the government’s post-2021 electoral gains and policy fine-tuning, calling for continued efforts to align with growth trajectories.

Mr. Chisanga emphasizes the necessity of building capacities and skills development across government functions and private investments, adapting to technological advancements. Good governance and order are deemed essential for building investor confidence, and he calls on the private sector to engage in innovative solutions, encouraging fair participation from SMEs to large-scale enterprises.

Concluding his insights, Mr. Chisanga advocates for an inclusive economic growth formula, urging the government to involve all stakeholders through stimulating policy frameworks. 

He emphasizes the need for open-door discussions and negotiations, especially with key industry participants in sectors such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, tourism, mining, transport, and energy. Zambia aims to leverage these collaborative efforts for a robust and sustainable economic future.

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