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Zambia Pledges Support for Young Entrepreneurs at Timbuktoo Strategy Retreat

Zambia’s Minister of Technology and Science, Hon. Felix Mutati, has declared the government’s unwavering dedication to supporting the country’s youth in their business endeavors. 

Speaking at the sidelines of the Timbuktoo Retreat Strategy, held at Vergenoegd Low Estate in Cape Town, South Africa, Hon. Mutati underscored the pivotal role that young entrepreneurs play in Zambia’s economic advancement.

Highlighting the government’s ongoing efforts to provide resources, training, and infrastructure, Hon. Mutati emphasized the importance of empowering the youth to realize their full potential. 

With abundant land resources available, he urged young Zambians to seize the opportunity to engage in business, thereby not only enhancing their own incomes but also broadening the horizons of entrepreneurship in the country.

Central to the discussion was the Timbuktoo initiative’s objective of translating innovative ideas into thriving enterprises, with the ultimate goal of driving job creation and economic growth. Recognizing the significance of collaboration, 

Hon. Mutati called for concerted efforts among governments, investors, universities, and the private sector to create an enabling environment for startups to flourish.

Moreover, leveraging support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Zambia announced its plans to establish a state-of-the-art Mine Technology hub, showcasing its steadfast commitment to fostering innovation in key sectors.

Dr. Joy Kategekwa, AD Interim Lead Timbuktoo/Regional Strategy Advisor to the UNDP Africa Regional Director, commended Zambia’s active participation in the Timbuktoo Strategy Retreat, highlighting its role as a vital platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration among young leaders.

The statement, issued by the First Secretary Press and Public Relations of the Zambia High Commission in South Africa, encapsulates Zambia’s proactive stance towards empowering its youth and harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit for sustainable economic development.

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