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Police Foil Scam, Arrest Two with Suspected Fake Money

The police in Lusaka prevented a scam and detained two men found in possession of tools for creating fake money. 

In a statement released by Danny Mwale, Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, the suspects are James Goel Malu, originally from Sudan and residing in Maheba Refugee Resettlement, and Inatio Tembe, a Mozambican living in the Woodlands residential area of Lusaka. 

The police also seized an estimated 1.2 million United States Dollars in suspected counterfeit bills. The suspects have additionally been charged with obtaining money through deception. 

They are accused of deceiving an individual known as Mr. Phiri, residing in Lilayi Estates, into believing that they were investors interested in forming a partnership for a petroleum and filling station business in Zambia. 

The scammers claimed they would invest 6 million Zambian Kwacha to launch the business. To gain Mr. Phiri’s trust, they presented him with a safe containing undisclosed amounts of US 100-dollar bills.

Mr. Phiri was instructed to contribute 75,000 Kwacha as an initial investment. Subsequently, the fraudsters demanded more money, citing the purchase of a specific chemical as necessary. Alarmed by the situation, Mr. Phiri sought advice from a friend who suggested he might have fallen victim to a scam. He quickly reported the incident to the police.

The police received the report on October 14th, 2023, at approximately 13:00 hours. Officers promptly responded, locating and apprehending the suspects at a lodge in Olympia Park. 

A search of their room revealed a metal safe containing 1.2 million United States Dollars in suspected counterfeit currency and a machine believed to be used for creating fake money.

The suspects are currently in police custody as investigations continue.

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