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Saemaul Undong President Commends Zambia’s Remarkable Progress in Community Development Projects

The visit of Saemaul Undong president, Mr. Kwak Dae Hoon, to Kafue and Chikankata Districts has yielded positive feedback on the implementation of the Saemaul Undong project under the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services.

Mr. Hoon expressed his admiration for the progress made during field visits and commended the community ownership and commitment to the projects.

During his inspection of construction sites for a nursing housing unit and a community hall, Mr. Hoon noted the high levels of monitoring and supervision, emphasizing Zambia’s exceptional execution of the Saemaul Undong project compared to other African countries. 

He praised the Zambian Government for its strong political will to improve people’s lives.

Referring to a South Korean saying, Mr. Hoon encouraged communities to maintain their commitment to the project, stating that a strong start is crucial for success. 

He expressed optimism about the project’s potential extension to other parts of the country based on the performance of the pilot in Shakulya, Mwachiyaba, Nanduba, and Nansenga villages.

Mr. Hoon expressed high expectations for the transformation of people’s lives through ongoing collaboration and engagement.

The Director for Community Development, Ms. Patricia Muyamwa, highlighted the morale boost for communities with Mr. Hoon personally inspecting the projects. 

She emphasized the fulfilling journey of the Saemaul Undong project and the life-changing collaboration between Zambia and South Korea.

Ms. Muyamwa also underscored the significance of learning from South Korea’s development concept to address vulnerability in Zambian communities.

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