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Zambian PR and Communication Practitioners Urged to Prioritize Ethical Conduct and Professionalism

Mr. Maambo Hamaundu, Permanent Secretary – Administration for Local Government and Rural Development, has called upon Public Relations (PR) and Communication practitioners in Zambia to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct. 

Speaking at the opening of a two-day Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Training on Ethics and Professional Responsibility in PR, Mr. Hamaundu emphasized the importance of maintaining transparency, honesty, and integrity in communication practices.

The training, held at Legacy Resort in Lusaka and attended by over 70 PR and Communication specialists from across Zambia, was organized by the Zambia Institute of Public Relations and Communication (ZIPRC) in collaboration with the University of Zambia (UNZA). 

Mr. Hamaundu highlighted the critical role of ethical conduct in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, where information spreads rapidly across various channels.

“As PR and Communication practitioners in Zambia, you must uphold the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in your communication endeavors for the betterment of society and the nation at large,” stated Mr. Hamaundu. 

He further stressed the importance of PR practitioners in local authorities in disseminating accurate and balanced information to the public, considering their role as the ears and faces of different institutions in the country.

Mr. Hamaundu underscored the significance of effective communication in fostering social cohesion, driving economic growth, and ensuring good governance. 

He emphasized that PR and Communication play a pivotal role in engaging citizens, fostering community participation, and promoting sustainable development initiatives.

Addressing attendees, ZIPRC Vice President Mwiika Malindima expressed gratitude for the government’s support towards enhancing the standards of the PR and Communication profession in Zambia. 

Mr. Malindima highlighted ethics and professional responsibility as key pillars of the profession and acknowledged the training as a milestone in ZIPRC’s commitment to advancing the field.

ZIPRC Registrar and Chief Executive Officer, Nimon Muleya, extended appreciation to facilitators and attendees for their support in making the CPD training a success.

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