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Kansanshi Mining Plc Celebrates Graduation of 33 Early Childhood Education Teachers in Milestone Ceremony

Kansanshi Mining Plc, a prominent subsidiary of First Quantum Minerals (FQM), has taken a significant step forward in the realm of education by committing substantial resources to Early Childhood Education (ECE) in the North-Western Province. 

The company’s strong dedication to fostering education is evident in its recent initiative, which focuses on elevating teaching methodologies and providing educators with effective tools to enhance student understanding.

This groundbreaking effort aims to contribute to the foundational stages of education, recognizing the pivotal role Early Childhood Education plays in shaping a child’s academic journey. 

Kansanshi Mining Plc’s investment underscores its commitment to not only support local communities but also to actively participate in the region’s educational development.

In a recent milestone, the company celebrated the graduation of 33 Early Childhood Education (ECE) teachers who successfully completed a comprehensive two-year professional development training program. 

This initiative was sponsored by Kansanshi Mining Plc through its educational arm, the Kansanshi Education Quality Improvement Programme (KANEQIP).

During the certification ceremony, Kyansenga Chitoshi, Corporate Affairs Manager at Kansanshi Mining Plc, emphasized the company’s commitment to education and its recognition of the importance of equipping teachers with modern methodologies. 

“In this regard, we, as Kansanshi, are proud to partner with the government in its ongoing efforts to improve the education system,” stated Ms. Chitoshi.

The initiative goes beyond a simple financial investment. It signifies a collaborative effort between Kansanshi Mining Plc and local educators to raise the standards of education in the North-Western Province. 

By empowering Early Childhood Education teachers with enhanced skills and approaches, the company aims to create a positive and impactful learning environment for young learners.

The Education Officer for the North-Western region, Frederick Munkinyi, praised Kansanshi Mining Plc for its proactive approach, highlighting the company’s role in conducting professional development training for Early Childhood Education (ECE) teachers in the Solwezi district. 

He also revealed the government’s plans to establish early childhood hubs in various districts within the region, with an ongoing hub construction in the Ikelenge district and additional hubs planned for the upcoming year.

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