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ZESCO and First Quantum Minerals Ink New Power Supply Agreement

ZESCO Limited and First Quantum Minerals Limited (FQM) have officially signed a Power Supply Agreement (PSA) on Monday, November 4th, 2023. The agreement pertains specifically to FQM’s Trident (Sentinel) and Kansanshi Mines situated in the North Western Province of Zambia.

The signing of this PSA marks a pivotal moment following the expiration of the previous 20-year agreement between ZESCO and FQM in 2023. 

The new agreement sets the stage for continued collaboration and a sustained power supply to support the operations of Trident (Sentinel) and Kansanshi Mines, crucial players in Zambia’s mining sector.

The agreement is expected to provide a framework for the reliable and efficient supply of electricity, ensuring the uninterrupted operations of these key mining assets. 

The collaborative effort between ZESCO, Zambia’s prominent power utility, and First Quantum Minerals, a leading global mining company, underscores the importance of stable energy supply in sustaining and advancing critical sectors such as mining.

Zambia, with its rich mineral resources, relies heavily on a robust and consistent power supply to drive economic activities, particularly in the mining industry. 

The signing of this new agreement signifies a commitment to fostering a stable and supportive environment for mining operations, contributing to the overall economic development of the country.

The renewed partnership between ZESCO and FQM is anticipated to not only address the immediate energy needs of Trident (Sentinel) and Kansanshi Mines but also lay the foundation for future collaboration and sustainable energy solutions in Zambia. 

As both entities navigate the evolving energy landscape, this agreement reflects a shared commitment to responsible resource utilization and the continued growth of the mining sector in the region.

The signing ceremony, attended by representatives from ZESCO and First Quantum Minerals, marks a positive step forward in the collaborative efforts to ensure a reliable and consistent power supply that aligns with the energy requirements of Zambia’s vital mining operations.

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