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Mr. Matembo Urges Ethical Civil Service in Ministry Awards Ceremony

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Mr. Dickson Matembo, in a recent ceremony held in Lusaka, emphasized the importance of ethics in the civil service, urging civil servants to remain dedicated and focused on their duties while maintaining loyalty to the serving government.

Mr. Matembo highlighted the permanence of the civil service, emphasizing that while politicians may change, the civil service remains a constant, underlining the need for public servants to uphold ethical standards in their roles.

The Permanent Secretary spoke during an awards ceremony where outstanding officers in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security were recognized for their exemplary service. 

Mr. Matembo stressed that such events provide an opportunity to remind personnel of their vital role in securing the country, safeguarding the lives, and protecting the property of all Zambians.

During his address, Mr. Matembo disclosed that the ministry is currently undergoing structural changes aimed at ensuring a safe and secure environment for all Zambians and investors, ultimately contributing to economic growth.

He expressed gratitude for the dedication of the ministry’s workforce and pledged to continue recognizing and acknowledging their positive contributions to society. “Without a workforce like you, the nation will not be able to achieve the economic transformative agenda,” he emphasized.

Mrs. Nicolynn N. Nyoni, the Director for Human Resource and Administration at the Ministry, echoed Mr. Matembo’s sentiments, urging workers to maintain exemplary performance in their efforts to enhance internal security in the country.

This year’s awards ceremony saw thirty-two employees recognized for their dedication to duty. Each awardee received a six-thousand-kwacha (k6,000) Game Stores shopping voucher. The awards were distributed across three categories: most hardworking, most honest, and most improved. 

Additionally, long service recognition was bestowed upon Ms. Enala Banda from the Department of National Registration, Passports, and Citizenship, who has served for an impressive 34 years in the public service, earning praise for her dedication, hard work, and resilience. 

Ms. Banda was highlighted as an exemplary figure, serving as an inspiration to many in the civil service.

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