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Ministry of Commerce Flags Off Baggage Scanners for Enhanced Trade Facilitation at Border Posts

The Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry has marked a significant milestone in Zambia’s trade facilitation efforts by flagging off and delivering baggage scanners procured under the Zambia Border Post Upgrading Project (ZBPUP) to the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

These state-of-the-art scanners will be deployed at Chirundu, Mwami, and Nakonde One Stop Border Posts.

Representing the Permanent Secretary for Trade, Mrs. Lillian Bwalya, Dr. Simon Ng’ona, Director of the Department of Foreign Trade, emphasized the importance of this initiative in achieving Zambia’s broader trade facilitation objectives.

Dr. Ng’ona highlighted that the scanners are designed to streamline the clearance process for passengers and small-scale cross-border traders.

Traditionally, border inspections have been conducted manually, leading to lengthy delays. Dr. Ng’ona explained that the introduction of baggage scanners will significantly reduce clearance times and enhance security for passengers and border officials.

The advanced X-ray technology in the scanners allows for detailed imaging of container contents, improving detection capabilities.

Dr. Dev Haman, Assistant Secretary-General for Administration and Finance at the COMESA Secretariat, reiterated the significance of this milestone for both Zambia and the COMESA region.

He emphasized that the scanners’ advanced detection capabilities will enable border enforcement agencies to intercept prohibited items more efficiently, including weapons, explosives, drugs, and contraband goods.

Matthias Reusing, Counsellor at the Delegation of the European Union to Zambia and COMESA, commended the progress made under the EU-COMESA Trade Facilitation program.

He emphasized the EU’s commitment to delivering on promises and highlighted the scanners’ role in ensuring seamless and secure border crossings within the COMESA region.

ZRA Acting Commissioner for Corporate Support Services, Mr. Timothy Milambo, expressed gratitude to all stakeholders for the acquisition of the baggage scanners.

He emphasized their transformative impact on passenger clearance processes across the country. With the scanners in place, ZRA aims to significantly reduce the average clearance time for passengers, from approximately 8 hours to less than an hour from the time of arrival.

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