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Kelvin Chisanga Advocates for Collaborative Solutions in Zambia’s Economic Landscape

As Zambia, the second-largest copper producer on the African continent, navigates economic complexities, Economic Analyst Kelvin Chisanga highlights both the potential opportunities and challenges the nation faces.

Mr. Chisanga emphasizes Zambia’s significant potential to achieve a robust economic balance, drawing from its abundant resources. He describes Zambia as a powerful and investible nation, boasting readily available raw materials that can be harnessed for full-scale manufacturing processes.

However, despite its economic promise, Zambia is currently weathering what Mr. Chisanga refers to as “perfect storms.” These storms, he explains, encompass various challenges that demand steadfast actions and vigilant monitoring systems.

The Southern African nation, renowned for its copper production, grapples with risks such as foreign exchange rate fluctuations, climate change impacts, and challenges to its credit status. 

In response, Mr. Chisanga calls for a united effort, particularly from a strong private sector business coalition working collaboratively with the government and civil society stakeholders. Such a partnership, he believes, is essential to drive a private sector-centered investment initiative and stimulate economic growth.

Addressing the issue of national debt, Mr. Chisanga advocates for a collaborative approach between the private sector and the government. He suggests pushing for debt relief and forgiveness, aligning with the government’s goals of revitalizing Zambia’s economic fundamentals.

In agreement with other stakeholders, Mr. Chisanga supports the call for an economic indaba—a forum to delve into Zambia’s current economic situation. 

He believes that constructive discussions in such a forum could lead to relatable solutions, fostering a path towards overcoming the nation’s challenging economic circumstances.

As Zambia stands at this critical juncture, the call for a collaborative and innovative approach becomes increasingly vital. With potential opportunities waiting to be harnessed, a unified effort could pave the way for a resilient and prosperous economic future for the nation.

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