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Zambia Seeks Broader Cooperation with Netherlands on Green Economy and Climate Change

Zambia’s Minister of Green Economy and Environment, Hon. Eng. Collins Nzovu, sees potential for expanding cooperation with the Netherlands beyond traditional sectors like education and health. 

He identified the green economy, climate change, and environment as promising areas for collaboration.

Speaking at the Netherlands’ King’s Day celebration, Hon. Nzovu highlighted the Netherlands’ leadership in electric mobility and renewable energy technologies. 

He expressed Zambia’s interest in learning from these areas as the country transitions towards a green economy.

The Minister acknowledged the long-standing relationship between Zambia and the Netherlands, with existing cooperation primarily focused on health and education through general budget support. 

He also mentioned Dutch support for agricultural infrastructure development through their ORIO facility.

Hon. Nzovu further emphasized shared goals in tackling environmental challenges. 

He pointed to the Netherlands’ ambitious target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 49% by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels) as an example worth emulating.

Zambia, according to the Minister, has also set an ambitious target for emissions reduction. Their revised Nationally Determined Contribution aims for a 47% reduction by 2030 (compared to 2010 levels) with substantial international support. 

Additionally, Zambia launched its National Green Growth Strategy to promote a low-carbon, sustainable, and inclusive economy.

Both countries, as highlighted by Hon. Nzovu, share a strong commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and addressing climate change.  

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