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Chibolya Compound Cleanup Operation Leads to 303 Arrests on Multiple Charges

A significant operation was carried out in Lusaka’s Chibolya compound, resulting in the arrest of 303 individuals. The operation, named ‘Muzakule,’ was jointly conducted by the Zambia Police Service, the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), Department of Immigration, and Department of National Parks and Wildlife.

Among those detained, 223 individuals, including nine females, were apprehended for Idle and disorderly conduct. An additional seven individuals were arrested on drug-related offenses, while 71, including eight females, are suspected to be prohibited immigrants. These suspects span a wide age range, from 15 to 80 years old.

The operation commenced at 01:00 hours and concluded at 06:00 hours. During the operation, law enforcement officers discovered 12 plasma television sets and various other household goods that are believed to have been stolen. 

Four abandoned motor vehicles were also found during the cleanup operation, including a Toyota Alphard, Toyota Mark X, and a Toyota Benz Truck.

Subsequent investigations have been initiated, and additional security personnel have been deployed in Chibolya compound to maintain law and order. All the suspects are currently in police custody, awaiting formal charges.

This operation aligns with the inter-agency framework agreement established among law enforcement agencies to combat organized crime in the country.

This statement has been issued by Zambia Police Service (ZP), Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), and Department of Immigration.

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