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Govt  to  Construct 28 Additional  Dams to Address Water Challenges

The government has announced plans to construct 28 new dams this year, supplementing the ongoing construction of 16 dams across the nation in order to bolster water resources for various purposes.

Joe Kalusa, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation, highlighted these initiatives during an appearance on ZNBC’s Kwacha Good Morning program. 

Kalusa emphasized that upon completion, these dams would significantly alleviate water challenges currently faced by communities.

Furthermore, Kalusa disclosed the government’s intention to establish the Luapula River Authority, mirroring the operations of the Zambezi River Authority. 

This regulatory body aims to oversee the responsible usage of water resources in the Luapula River basin.

The establishment of the Luapula River Authority is a strategic move towards ensuring efficient water management and sustainable utilization of the region’s waterways.

In addition to infrastructure development, Kalusa urged the public to promptly report any water network leakages to minimize wastage. 

He underscored the detrimental effects of leakages, including supply disruptions, revenue losses, and compromised water quality, which can exacerbate the risk of waterborne diseases.

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