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President Chakwera Urges Malawians to Support War Veterans and Ex-Servicemen During Poppy Appeal Week

President Lazarus Chakwera has called upon all Malawians to stand in solidarity with war veterans and ex-servicemen by offering their support during the 2023 Poppy Appeal Week. 

President Chakwera, who also serves as the Malawi Defence Force Commander, made this heartfelt plea during the inauguration of the annual Poppy Appeal Week in Lilongwe.

He emphasized the significance of supporting those who have served the nation, recognizing the sacrifices made by war veterans and ex-servicemen. 

Chakwera underlined that these individuals dedicated their lives, exhibited unwavering discipline, and showcased exceptional patriotism to ensure the peace and security of Malawi, allowing its citizens to sleep peacefully.

“The war veterans, through their unwavering dedication, discipline, and unwavering patriotism, have significantly contributed to the well-being of the Malawi Defence Force, and as a nation, they deserve our utmost respect and appreciation,” President Chakwera stated.

In response, General Henry Odillo Retired, Chairperson of the Veterans and Ex-Servicemen League of Malawi (VELOM), expressed deep gratitude for President Chakwera’s steadfast commitment to supporting and guiding their organization. 

He further shared that the primary objective of the Poppy Appeal Week is to raise K100 million. The funds will be allocated to maintaining the residences of war veterans at the War Memorial Home in Zomba, ensuring their continued well-being and comfort.

In a poignant gesture, President Lazarus Chakwera purchased the first Poppy flower of the Poppy Appeal Week for K2 million, symbolizing his strong support for the cause.

This call to action by President Chakwera highlights the nation’s appreciation for its war heroes and veterans, honoring their dedication to the safety and security of Malawi. The Poppy Appeal Week serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by these individuals and a demonstration of national unity and support for their welfare.

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