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MMD Celebrates Historic Appointment of Deaf Committee Member During National Deaf Month

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) is delighted to join in celebrating National Deaf Month in Zambia, extending their warmest congratulations to the deaf community and, in particular, recognizing the significant contributions of Lewis Nkhoma, a member of the MMD National Executive Committee. September has been officially designated as a month to highlight and celebrate the achievements and concerns of the deaf community.

Dr. Cephas Mukuka, the MMD Party Spokesperson, expressed the party’s pride in its association with the deaf community in Zambia, specifically through the nomination of Lewis Nkhoma to the highest decision-making body within the party, the National Executive Committee (NEC). 

Nkhoma’s nomination took place during the March 2021 National Convention, marking a historic moment as he became the first-ever deaf person to hold such a senior position within a major political party in Zambia. This achievement underscores the MMD’s commitment to social inclusion, particularly for persons living with disabilities.

The MMD’s dedication to inclusivity and its belief in not leaving anyone behind are reflected in the elevation of Lewis Nkhoma to a senior role within the party. This progressive approach sets a significant precedent in Zambian politics and demonstrates the MMD’s genuine commitment to representing all segments of society, including those with disabilities.

Lewis Nkhoma is praised not only for his disability but also for his intelligence and nationalism. The MMD has ensured that Nkhoma faces no hindrances in participating in the party’s activities, emphasizing their belief in providing equal opportunities for all members, regardless of their background or abilities.

This recognition and celebration of National Deaf Month by the MMD serve as a positive example of how political parties and organizations can actively promote inclusivity, diversity, and equal representation within their ranks, further contributing to a more inclusive and equitable society in Zambia.

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