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Government Urges Private Sector Collaboration in Advancing Skills Development

Seeking to advance the skills development agenda and provide citizens with valuable opportunities for transformation, the Zambian government has called for greater engagement from the private sector and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). 

This plea was articulated during the second graduation ceremony held at Kabwe Community Skills Training College, which operates under the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services.

Ms. Patricia Muyamwa, the Director for Community Development, stressed the importance of stakeholder support in realizing the government’s ambitious skills development goals. 

Speaking at the ceremony, she highlighted the need for collaborative efforts to improve the welfare of citizens through skill acquisition.

The graduation ceremony celebrated the achievements of 161 graduates, with Ms. Muyamwa expressing satisfaction that many of them had already secured formal employment, contributing positively to society. 

The graduation theme, “Life Skills Development – An Empowerment for Life,” emphasized the practical application of acquired skills in navigating life’s challenges post-graduation.

Commending the increasing number of female graduates, Ms. Muyamwa noted this as a positive indication of growing awareness and appreciation for gender equality in skills development. 

She called for higher enrollment in the 13 skills training centers spread across the country, particularly to provide opportunities for vulnerable members of society.

Ms. Muyamwa reassured the public that the government, through the Ministry, remains committed to supporting skills development training. 

She highlighted avenues such as the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and other empowerment programs designed to offer opportunities for young women and men to further their skills and contribute meaningfully to society.

Expressing gratitude in a vote of thanks, graduate Mary Chali appreciated the government’s initiative in providing skills training at a minimal fee. 

She emphasized how these skills had equipped them with life-changing opportunities, underscoring the positive impact of accessible skill development programs on individuals and society at large.

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