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Emirates Enhances Services for Hajj Pilgrims

Emirates is ramping up its preparations to ensure a seamless experience for the large volume of Hajj pilgrims travelling to Makkah this season. 

The airline has added 10 extra flights to Jeddah and Medina between 7 June and 10 June, and from 21 June to 26 June, to accommodate the increased demand from key markets such as Indonesia, Thailand, Côte d’Ivoire, Mauritius, South Africa, Senegal, and Pakistan.

In addition to these extra flights, Emirates has deployed 19 more flights to cities including Amman, Dammam, Kuwait, and Beirut to meet the high demand during Eid Al-Adha in mid-June.

Emirates has also extended its hospitality services to the ground, with dedicated airport service teams in Dubai guiding pilgrims through every step of their journey. 

Special arrangements have been made at Dubai International, including dedicated check-in counters and specially tagged luggage for Hajj travellers. 

Upon arrival, pilgrims are welcomed by Emirates personnel and assisted with their connections or hotel transfers.

Onboard, the airline has made provisions for ablutions, provided unperfumed towels and additional blankets, and issued special announcements for the changing of Ihram robes. 

Emirates’ inflight entertainment system, ice, features a video on Hajj formalities, safety information, and the Holy Quran. Pilgrims can also check-in up to 5 litres of holy water (Zamzam) upon their return.

Pilgrims on Emirates’ special flights are encouraged to explore the full Hajj experience on the Emirates website. These flights are available to travellers holding a valid Hajj visa, are under the age of 65, and have a valid vaccination certificate approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health.

Emirates, in partnership with Dubai International and other stakeholders, has put in tremendous effort to ensure a seamless and comfortable experience for Hajj travellers.

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