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Black Business Growth Initiative calls for unity of Black businesses and heritage

Next week, on Wednesday, September 20, the Black Business Growth Initiative (BBGI) will present an opportunity for the Black business community to unite and collaborate. The event, themed “Celebrating our Heritage, Carrying it into the Future, Building Legacies,” will be held at the Personal Trust House in Rondebosch, Cape Town, from 6 pm to 9 pm.

The Black Business Growth Initiative is a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to fostering the growth of Black African businesses and careers. According to BBGI, the event will address the importance of the female voice in Black matters, debunk truths and myths surrounding Women’s Day celebration in South Africa, and celebrate Black women with the support and involvement of Black men.

BBGI emphasized their commitment to taking responsibility for shaping a transformed future for Africa, stating, “Our place in history is taking responsibility for creating a transformed future for Africa.”

The organization also highlighted its celebration of the rich and diverse Black heritage, intending to carry this heritage into a bright future and collectively build legacies for the nation.

BBGI poses the following questions:

“What aspects of your heritage do you wish to carry into the future to positively impact the lives of your family and community?”

“What legacy has been entrusted to you, which you aim to pass on to the next generation?”

“Is your vision crystal clear, and what tools do you possess to diligently work on this legacy each day?”

Organizers invite the Black business community to join the Black Business Growth Initiative for an engaging discussion of their heritage with a distinguished panel of experts, likening it to gathering around a proverbial fire.

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