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Fire Consumes Boys’ Hostel at Rusangu School in Monze

A devastating fire has engulfed a boys’ hostel at Rusangu Boarding Secondary School, resulting in the destruction of students’ belongings worth thousands of Kwacha. The cause of the fire, which started around noon while pupils were attending a church service, remains unknown as of the time of reporting.

The fire, which raged through the hostel, also caused significant damage to the asbestos roof of the building, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Monze District Commissioner Mwanza Malambo, who promptly arrived at the scene, expressed deep sadness over the incident. He commended the swift response of the local authority’s fire department, which successfully extinguished the fire and prevented its spread to other structures.

District Commissioner Malambo pledged full government assistance to the more than 80 affected grade eight and nine pupils at the school. He also called upon well-wishers to join efforts in providing support to the affected students, many of whom come from underprivileged backgrounds and may struggle to replace their school necessities.

Monze Town Council Chairperson Powell Mutenguna emphasized the need for the government to procure additional fire engines to enhance fire control capabilities in the district. He further advised school management to ensure sufficient space in hostels to prevent the rapid spread of fires.

Meanwhile, Harry Kanyama, Chairperson of the school’s Parents Teachers Association (PTA), urgently appealed for assistance from well-wishers. He requested blankets, mattresses, books, and school groceries to enable the affected students to continue their education. Kanyama noted that the pupils were only able to salvage a few belongings when the fire was extinguished.

Education Standards Officer Kabila Simbuwa highlighted the gravity of the situation, as the hostel housed grade eight and nine students who were scheduled to sit for their examinations in a few weeks. The loss of all their books to the flames is expected to have a detrimental impact on their exam performance.

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