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Lusaka Mayor Advocates for Enhanced Food Supply and Market Systems 

Lusaka Mayor, Ms. Chilando Chitangala, has underscored the critical importance of establishing an equitable and sustainable food system in Lusaka to meet the increasing demand for quality food among residents.

Mayor Chitangala emphasized that ensuring sufficient food supply and establishing a robust market system remain top priorities for the city. 

She expressed the Local Authority’s willingness to explore and implement innovative ideas aimed at enhancing food security in Lusaka.

These remarks were made during a courtesy visit to her office by a delegation from AfriFoodlinks, led by Ms. Jokudu Guya. 

Ms. Guya elaborated on the purpose of the cluster meetings on food safety in Lusaka, highlighting their role in facilitating partnerships with other cities to exchange ideas and initiatives for improving food systems.

“The cluster meetings will also serve as a valuable learning opportunity, enabling the city of Lusaka to identify and address gaps in its food systems,” Ms. Guya explained.

The AfriFoodlinks City Exchange Program, coordinated by ICLEI, aims to promote sustainable development by enhancing food security. 

Through collaborative efforts and knowledge sharing, the initiative seeks to drive positive changes in food systems across participating cities.

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