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Hon. Princess Kasune Appointed as Zambia’s First Female Minister of Justice

President Hakainde Hichilema has announced the appointment of Hon. Princess Kasune as the new Minister of Justice. 

Hon. Kasune’s appointment makes her the first female to ever hold this prestigious position, symbolizing a significant step forward for women’s representation in the nation’s political sphere.

Accompanying her in the Ministry of Justice are two female Permanent Secretaries, further emphasizing the government’s commitment to gender inclusiveness. 

This progressive shift is expected to enhance coordination and collaboration within the Ministry, potentially leading to more efficient and effective governance.

In his statement, President Hichilema congratulated Hon. Kasune on her appointment and underscored the importance of this development for gender equality in Zambia. 

He expressed his hopes that the inclusiveness of the new leadership team will foster a collaborative environment that transcends traditional gender roles and barriers.

“While we recognize the importance of governmental processes, they must not impede the achievement of key deliverables,” President Hichilema stated. 

He conveyed his confidence in Hon. Kasune’s ability to build upon existing foundations and drive the Ministry forward, stressing that her Cabinet colleagues must provide her with the necessary support.

The President also highlighted the need for harnessing a diverse pool of talent to improve government operations. 

He emphasized that where essential skills are lacking, the government should not hesitate to draw from the wealth of expertise available both locally and within the diaspora.

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