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ECZ Holds Stakeholder Engagement Ahead of Continuous Voter Registration Launch

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) conducted a crucial stakeholder engagement meeting today in Petauke District, in anticipation of the official launch of the Continuous Registration of Voters (CRV) scheduled for tomorrow, June 4, 2024, at the Civic Centre. 

The meeting aimed to update stakeholders on the CRV commencement and discuss their roles in managing the registration process.

According to a statement issued by Corinne Mwanza, Public Relations Officer at Petauke Town Council, the meeting was attended by various stakeholders, who were welcomed by Council Chairperson Mr. Edward Banda. 

He emphasized the critical role stakeholders play in disseminating information about the CRV process.

Mrs. Memory Mwamba, ECZ Acting Director – ICT and team leader for the CRV, delivered a speech on behalf of Chief Electoral Officer Mr. Brian Kasalo. 

She highlighted the significant roles stakeholders have in the electoral process, stating that the Commission has a constitutional mandate to engage in electoral activities and ensure stakeholder participation, particularly in the CRV.

Mrs. Mwamba outlined that the ECZ’s mandate is derived from Article 46 of the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Act No. 2 of 2016, the Electoral Process Act No. 35 of 2016 Part II, and Section 7 of the Electoral Process Act. These legal provisions include the registration of voters, which the CRV initiative addresses.

Continuous Registration of Voters began on June 1, 2022, starting with the 10 Provincial Headquarters and progressively expanding to selected districts nationwide. In 2023, the ECZ extended the CRV to ten more districts in each province, including Chongwe, Kabompo, Kitwe, Livingstone, Lundazi, Mbala, Mkushi, Nakonde, Nchelenge, and Sesheke.

During her address, Mrs. Mwamba highlighted the Commission’s achievements, such as the certification of the Register of Voters on February 21, 2024, which included 13,363 new voters registered from June to December 2022. 

This addition brought the National Register’s total to 7,036,862 voters, with 53.4% female and 46.6% male. The certified voters from this period are now eligible to vote.

The Commission has continued to provide monthly updates on voter registration statistics, with 23,045 new voters registered from January to April 2024. 

The upcoming CRV launch in ten more districts will increase the number of registration centers to thirty, ensuring broader access across the country.

Mrs. Mwamba emphasized the importance of stakeholder engagement in the electoral process, urging them to spread the word to eligible citizens about their constitutional right to vote. 

She expressed the Commission’s desire for all key stakeholders to actively participate and ensure community awareness of the registration process.

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