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Tshisekedi Fires Intelligence Chief After Failed Coup

DR Congo’s President, Félix Tshisekedi, has taken swift action following a recent failed coup attempt, firing Daniel Lusadisu from his position as the head of the National Intelligence Agency (ANR). 

The move comes as part of Tshisekedi’s efforts to bolster security measures in the country after the foiled plot shook the nation’s stability.

Lusadisu’s departure was confirmed by the government on Friday, following a direct presidential order from Tshisekedi. 

The President, known for his commitment to reform and strengthen national security, is reportedly planning further changes within various security institutions.

The ousted Lusadisu, a medical professional with a background in cardiology and emergency medicine, had previously served in the Zairian Armed Forces and the Special Presidential Division (DSP). 

However, his tenure as head of the ANR came under scrutiny amid the recent coup attempt.

In a strategic move to restore confidence in the intelligence apparatus, Tshisekedi has reappointed Justin Inzun Kakiak to lead the ANR.

Kakiak, who previously served in the same role from March 2019 to December 2021, brings a wealth of experience to the position. 

He will be supported by Justin Mulumba Nsabua, a seasoned lawyer from the Kongo Central bar.

The failed coup, orchestrated by Christian Malanga, a former Congolese army officer, culminated in an attack on Vital Kamerhe, the speaker of the National Assembly, and an occupation of part of the Palais de la Nation, the president’s office. 

However, Malanga was swiftly neutralized by the armed forces before the situation escalated further.

Source: DRC News Today

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