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Hon. Banda’s Disappearance and Detention: A Detailed Update from the Acting Minister of Home Affairs 

Acting Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Hon. Ambrose Lufuma, MP, addressed the nation in a press statement yesterday, shedding light on the recent events surrounding Honourable Jay Banda.

Hon. Lufuma began by providing an update on Hon. Banda’s disappearance on May 25th, 2024. According to the Minister, Hon. Banda was discharged from Maina Soko Medical Centre yesterday, May 31st, 2024. 

Upon his discharge, he was invited to the Zambia Police Service Headquarters for an interview. Hon. Banda was treated as a witness during this process, with his legal counsel, Mr. Sakwiba Sikota, present.

“The interview primarily focused on Honourable Banda’s disappearance on 25th May 2024. Regrettably, Honourable Banda was unable to provide the police with any information regarding the circumstances of his disappearance,” Hon. Lufuma stated. 

Following the interview, Hon. Banda was escorted to a police station concerning other ongoing investigations. He was booked for detention related to alleged offences of attempted murder and assault from 2016 in Vumbwi, Eastern Province. 

However, during the booking process, Hon. Banda developed a medical condition necessitating his immediate readmission to Maina Soko Medical Centre, where he is currently receiving medical attention.

“I would like to emphasize that Honourable Banda has not been formally charged for the alleged offences at this time. The police are continuing their active investigation into the matter of his disappearance as well as the aforementioned allegations,” the Minister added, stressing the commitment to due process and ensuring that Hon. Banda receives all necessary medical care and legal rights during this period. 

In addition to the update on Hon. Banda, Hon. Lufuma provided an update on a separate incident involving the opposition New Heritage Party (NHP) at Chipata Football Grounds in Mandevu Constituency. The NHP had been advised not to hold a political rally today due to security concerns. Despite this, they attempted to proceed with their event.

“To uphold the rule of law and maintain public order, police personnel were deployed to the area this morning,” Hon. Lufuma reported. An individual approached the football grounds at approximately 11:00 hours, leading to a misunderstanding with a uniformed officer. 

This incident caused some individuals to mistakenly believe their colleague had been arrested, prompting them to march towards the football grounds.

“The police intervened promptly, advising these individuals to return within Chipata Compound. I am pleased to report that there have been no serious incidents related to this matter thus far,” the Minister stated, reiterating the Zambia Police Service’s support for democratic rights while emphasizing the need for such rights to be exercised within the bounds of the law. 

Hon. Lufuma concluded by appealing to all political parties and their supporters to respect the law and follow proper procedures for organizing public gatherings. 

“Cooperation with law enforcement authorities is crucial in maintaining peace and order within our communities,” he stated. 

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