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DEC’s Vigorous Crackdown on Drug Cartels Yields Significant Results in Curbing Illicit Drug Trade

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) of Zambia has announced remarkable progress in its relentless campaign against drug trafficking and cultivation across various provinces. 

Recent operations have led to the arrest of several individuals involved in illegal drug activities and the seizure of substantial quantities of drugs, marking a major triumph in the fight against drug-related crimes.

In Muchinga Province, the DEC apprehended Kaluku Musanshi, aged 45, for unlawfully cultivating 850 kilograms of fresh green cannabis plants. Additionally, Mwashilindi Leonard Muchemwa, aged 30, was arrested for trafficking in 1.2 kilograms of dry loose cannabis and cultivating 5 kilograms of fresh green cannabis plants.

In the Northern Province’s Mporokoso District, the DEC made significant headway by apprehending three notorious drug suppliers. The operations resulted in the seizure of 67 kilograms of dry loose cannabis and 11.2 kilograms of fresh cannabis plants. The suspects include Peter Mwaba, Julius Chongo, and Kelvin Musonda.

Meanwhile, in the Western Province, three suspects were arrested for drug offences. Chimbali Mubanga, Kamwengo Siyape, and Kebby Akatwala were apprehended for various drug-related offences.

In Livingstone, a notorious drug supplier known as Steven Musasakwa, also known as “T-bag,” was apprehended. Investigations revealed that Musasakwa was allegedly recruiting, training, and deploying juveniles to sell drugs on his behalf in various parts of Livingstone town.

Theresa Mawere, Assistant Public Relations Officer for the DEC, emphasized the Commission’s unwavering commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting communities from the dangers of illicit drugs. 

Mawere highlighted the health risks and social consequences associated with drug abuse and commended the collaborative efforts that led to recent successes.

The DEC urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to drug cultivation, production, trafficking, or abuse, emphasizing the importance of collective action in combating the illicit drug trade.

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