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Emirates Takes Historic Step Towards Sustainable Aviation with Shell Partnership

Emirates has initiated the first Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) uplift at London Heathrow Airport, marking a significant milestone in the airline’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. This achievement comes through a strategic partnership with Shell Aviation, solidifying Emirates’ dedication to green initiatives within the aviation industry.

Under the London Heathrow SAF Incentive Scheme, Emirates has secured a purchase agreement with Shell Aviation, representing the largest volume of SAF ever acquired by the airline. Over 3,000 metric tonnes of neat SAF, blended with conventional jet fuel, will power select Emirates flights departing from London Heathrow until the end of summer 2024. This move underscores Emirates’ proactive approach towards embracing sustainable practices in its operations.

Adel Al Redha, Deputy President and Chief Operations Officer of Emirates Airline, expressed the airline’s enthusiasm for this significant step in their SAF journey, highlighting the importance of collaborations like the SAF Incentive Programme in making sustainable aviation more accessible and economically viable for airlines. Emirates’ participation in the programme reflects its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and embracing innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

Raman Ojha, President of Shell Aviation, emphasized the company’s ongoing collaboration with Emirates, following their successful partnership in supplying SAF to Dubai Airport in the previous year. This latest development not only furthers Emirates’ sustainability goals but also contributes to the expansion of Shell Aviation’s global SAF supply network, positioning both entities as leaders in driving sustainable practices within the aviation sector.

Ross Baker, Chief Commercial Officer of Heathrow, lauded Emirates’ participation in Heathrow’s SAF scheme, emphasizing the crucial role of SAF in decarbonizing long-haul flights. With commitments from airlines like Emirates, Heathrow anticipates supporting the use of up to 155,000 tonnes of SAF this year, underscoring the airport’s dedication to fostering sustainable aviation practices.

The London Heathrow SAF Incentive Scheme, launched in 2022, aims to bridge the price gap between conventional jet fuel and SAF, thereby incentivizing airlines to adopt more sustainable fuel options. This initiative not only accelerates the transition towards cleaner energy but also stimulates investment in clean energy production, aligning with broader efforts to combat climate change.

Emirates’ SAF strategy extends beyond London Heathrow, with plans to explore opportunities for SAF usage across its global network and support initiatives for SAF production in its hub in the UAE. The airline’s proactive approach towards sustainability reflects its commitment to responsible aviation practices and underscores its leadership in driving positive change within the industry.

As Emirates continues to pioneer sustainable aviation initiatives, its partnership with Shell Aviation and participation in the London Heathrow SAF Incentive Scheme serve as a testament to the airline’s unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and innovation in air travel.

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