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President Hichilema Appointed Africa’s First Champion of Foundational Learning 

President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia has been appointed as Africa’s first Champion of Foundational Learning. The announcement was made by Education Minister Douglas Munsaka Syakalima during a press briefing held today, marking a significant milestone in education advocacy.

President Hichilema, the Republican President of Zambia, graciously accepted the prestigious position, highlighting his commitment to improving education not only within Zambia but across the African continent. 

His appointment as the inaugural champion of foundational learning underscores his dedication to leveraging leadership, influence, and achievements in foundational learning within Zambia to drive positive change on a continental scale.

Foundational learning in Africa faces numerous challenges, including limited access to education due to poverty, insufficient funding, inadequate infrastructure, teacher shortages, and low-quality education. 

President Hichilema’s role as Champion of Foundational Learning will involve advocating for policies and programs that support early childhood development and enhance the quality of early-grade primary education.

The appointment aims to raise awareness of the importance of foundational learning, spotlight successful interventions, and advocate for increased investment in education across Africa. 

By championing the cause of foundational learning, President Hichilema will play a pivotal role in promoting quality education for all children, driving governments, development partners, civil society, and non-governmental organizations to prioritize and invest in foundational learning initiatives.

This historic decision marks a new era in education advocacy, with President Hichilema leading the charge towards ensuring that every child in Africa has access to quality education from the earliest stages of their learning journey.

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