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Minister of Health Leads Groundbreaking Ceremony for Oxygen Plant Construction at Kasama General Hospital

Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo spearheaded the commencement of a pivotal project with the groundbreaking ceremony for an oxygen plant at Kasama General Hospital. 

This initiative marks a significant step towards bolstering medical infrastructure across Zambia, with the government’s ambitious plan to construct six oxygen plants in strategic locations across six provinces.

The identified provinces include the Northern Province’s Kasama General Hospital, Lusaka Province’s National Heart Hospital, Central Province’s Kabwe Central Hospital, Eastern Province’s Kalindawalo General Hospital, Luapula Province’s St Paul’s Mission Hospital, and Muchinga Province’s Chinsali General Hospital. 

This comprehensive approach aims to enhance oxygen accessibility and distribution, crucial for treating various medical conditions, especially in times of crisis.

Funded with support from the Global Fund, the construction of these oxygen plants comes at a total cost of USD $10,482,381.00, underscoring the commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure in Zambia. 

Additionally, the procurement of 10,400 oxygen cylinders, costing $1,123,920.00, and essential medical equipment including ventilators and patient monitors further strengthens Zambia’s healthcare system.

The collaboration between the Ministry of Health, Global Fund, and United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) exemplifies the power of public-private partnerships in driving positive societal change. 

Minister Masebo emphasized the importance of safeguarding these investments, recognizing the oxygen plants as critical assets in advancing healthcare delivery nationwide.

With a clear vision for progress, the government aims to significantly increase medical oxygen coverage from less than 10% to 60% of all hospitals by 2026.

This ambitious target underscores Zambia’s commitment to ensuring access to quality healthcare for all citizens, with a focus on enhancing medical infrastructure and services.

Minister Masebo extended gratitude to the Global Fund, UNOPS, and other partners for their invaluable support in realizing this transformative initiative. As construction commences on these vital facilities, Zambia takes a decisive stride towards strengthening its healthcare system and safeguarding the well-being of its people.

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